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Thank you for helping us bring the laughter to Northeast Ohio!

The Mission of the Cleveland Comedy Network & Festival is to:

  • Celebrate Cleveland’s rich comedic heritage with an annual festival of shows and events.

  • Educate youth comedians through coaching, classroom activities, & live shows.

  • Support other non­profits through fundraising efforts involving comedy.

Would you like to make a bigger impact on the comedic arts of Northeast Ohio?​

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Where does your donation go?


Your tax-deductible donation goes to direct functions of the festival.  You can specify your contribution to equipment repairs & upgrades, general operations, venue rentals, or Class Clown Workshop materials.

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A Not-So-Serious Event with Some Serious Marketing Potential

The Cleveland Comedy Network & Festival

is supported by ticket sales, project grants, sponsorships, & donations and from fans like you!


We rely on your generous contributions & continued support help to give today's diverse open mic-ers and young performers a unique, inclusive, and welcoming performing arts venue to express and grow into tomorrow's headliners and make Northeast Ohio a premiere destination for laughs (in a good way, of course)!

We have very flexible sponsor and advertising packages.


If you are looking to do something unique, while also doing good in the community, please complete the inquiry form below.  We are always interested in working with new business partners.

With over 30 shows over five days across multiple venues throughout the Greater Cleveland area, the annual Cleveland Comedy Festival delivers thousands of fans throughout the 2nd week of November.

Our regular, monthly free showcases bring in a hundreds of attendees to support local, live stand-up comedy of rising talent.
CCF 2022
Class Clown students

Our Class Clown workshops give a dozen students a creative outlet for expression each time and an opportunity to improve their craft in this unique art form.

Your sponsorship aligns you with an established 501(c)(3) performing arts event and gives you a marketing presence in front of the targeted group of patrons you want to reach for your products and services.

Festival Sponsoship Opportunities
Underwriting Spots
Underwriting Spots
An alternative to sponsorship, underwriting is an easy way to gain recognition for your support of the festival. 

For $50 a month, the Festival can make acknowledgements during our showcases & programs and enhance your image as supporters of the comedy community. Donors who wish contribute funding can include corporationssmall businessesphilanthropic organizationscharitable trusts, and individuals.

Key Differences in Underwriting:
  • These spots can include the name and address of the underwriter.

  • Spots cannot be promotional (such as making product claims, using superlatives, or being more than 30 seconds long).

  • Spots cannot make any sort of "call to action" or encourage an immediate response or sale.

  • Spots can include a message of appreciation, either from the sponsor indicating its pride in the Cleveland Comedy Festival or from the Festival indicating its thanks for the underwriter's sponsorship.

  • Spots can be used to express personal appreciation for the Festival, and often also offer family members or friend best wishes on a major life event such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday.

Community Partnerships
Available only to 501(c)3 certified nonprofit organizations that would like to support the Cleveland Comedy Network & Festival.
Community Partnerships

For advertising or sponsorship information contact our Director of Sales.

Nonprofit Community Partners will receive a variety of sponsor benefits in exchange for making an in-kind donation of marketing and promotional support of at least $250 in value. This can consist of promotional mailings, emails, banner ads, and social media support.  

Learn more in the Community page.
Have some fun - and do some good - with a performing arts organization serving Northeast Ohio.

Whether you think you are funning or not - we are serious about providing volunteer opportunities and always appreciate an extra hand in continuing the long-term success of the festival.  Our staff are all volunteers so you would be joining some very dedicated people.  If you believe in our mission, we are always welcoming of new & fresh perspectives.

  • Contributing to a certified nonprofit performing arts organization. 

  • Social media promotion

  • Stage technical set-up & production

  • Concessions

  • Graphics, Audio & Video production

  • Facilitating workshops

Benefits Include:
  • Networking with other nonprofits and industry professionals. 

  • Build up your comedic talents & resume

  • Gain experience in nonprofit administration

Support Inquiry Form

Interested in Supporting The Cleveland Comedy Festival?


Thanks for submitting your interest in the Cleveland Comedy Festival. You should receive a response from us within three (3) business days. You can contact us directly at

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