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CCF15 is November 2-5, 2022! See below for the 2022 Guidelines and button with link to Festival Submission Form, or visit our festival history and check back here for updates on schedules and peformers!

The 14th annual festival took place November 10th - 13th, 2021. Thank you to everyone that attended!

Special Thanks to Taylor Compton Photography & DesignEvery Angle, & Golden Ox Studio for their help in capturing all the great moments!



November 2-5, 2022  Cleveland, OH

The Cleveland Comedy Festival celebrates its 15th year with the return of comic submissions! For the very first time since 2019, we are able to open up the Festival to submissions and will fill our lineups with comedians chosen from those by a panel made up of our board and other members. We'll also have select invites of headliners and previous guests.

Submissions are $10 until June 27, 2022 and will increase to $25 on June 28, 2022, and close August 21, 2022. To submit click the button above and fill out the form! Below, are Submission Guidelines.


SUBMISSION DATES & COST: $10 May 24 - June 27, 2022, $25 June 28 - August 21, 2022. We will not accept submissions after.

VIDEO: Please submit a link to a stand up comedy video (via YouTube, Vimeo, etc. though we ask that you do not submit as a Google Drive) that is NO MORE THAN 5-7 MINUTES in length. We will not view anything shorter and ask that it is a continuous 5-7 minutes. We will not accept if it is edited from various parts of a set or multiple sets. Your introduction from a host does not count as length of video, so please do not include it (if you do, we will fast forward, so long as set still meets time requirements). If you feel your best continuous amount of time is within a longer set, please submit ONLY that time frame.

We ask that your video be recent. We understand that due to the pandemic, not everyone has had the ability to get a great recording in the last year or two. Due to this, we will accept video as far back as 2019.

We will only be taking stand-up comedy submissions for this year. We will not have sketch, improv, or podcast submissions, though we may have opportunities for live podcast recordings.

NOTIFICATION: We will notify all of those that submit by September 9, 2022 of acceptance or rejection.

IF ACCEPTED: All stand-up comics accepted into the Festival will be scheduled to perform on three shows. The amount of performances would only be less if you have a conflict with the dates and are limited in availability. We will do our best to work within everyone's availability to schedule as many performances as possible.

In addition to performing, all Festival participants will receive badges that grant access to all shows and festival events during the course of the week, some of which will include food & drinks. Each participant will also receive a gift bag and we will have opportunities for headshots to be taken. Participants will not be paid for each performance. However, we will return to our jury award system that began in 2018 and multiple participants will receive monetary awards.

Please keep in mind, that lodging and travel will not be provided, but we will assist with recommendations and answering questions. We will not be providing meals aside from some food during mixer events.

OTHER MATERIALS: Upon acceptance into the Festival, we will ask for headshots and social media handles for promotional use. Please make sure that you have permission to use any photograph submitted (and let us know who should be credited if that is part of the granted permission).

HELPFUL VIDEO TIPS: Make sure the audio is clear. Do not have someone record for you that will just be laughing or talking the entire time, as we will need to hear the reaction from the rest of the audience (and your set). 

If using a cell phone, make sure you turn it horizontally and not vertically. Using a tripod is best to avoid a shaky camera (it'll be ok if someone walks in front).

As previously mentioned, don't include the host introducing you, just put text of your name in. 

Don't send a video where you are reading from notes.

Send a video that is from a showcase, or a guest set at a club, and don't send video from your local open mic.

Each video will be viewed by multiple people and given a score. Scores will be given based upon quality of performance and averaged. From there, selection committee will narrow down the Iist of attendees. We will have hundreds of submissions from all over and it is extremely difficult to narrow it down, please do not take personally if we do not bring you into this year's Festival. We can only have so many participants.