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Class Clown



Director of Class Clown and Community Outreach, comedian & humor theorist 

Cait Hogan

Cait Hogan has entertained audiences internationally. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, now residing in Cleveland, she brings a unique take on all things life! Cait has been a Class Clown instructor with the Cleveland Comedy Festival for several years now. She also is the lead instructor locally for Science Riot, an organization that teaches stand-up comedy basics to professionals in scientific fields as a way to improve presentation skills.


Comedian, Instructor & Co-Founder of the Cleveland Comedy Festival

Rodney Bengston

Rodney Bengston has been with the Cleveland Comedy Festival from the very beginning and was instrumental with Festival founder, the late JD Sidley, in the creation of the Class Clown program. On top of being a stand-up comedy veteran, Rodney also brings media experience having previously worked for The Sun News.


Comedian & Instructor

Rob Coleman

Rob Coleman was born in Cleveland and is a comedy veteran who has performed all over for more than 10 years. He has opened for the likes of Ricky Smiley, Tony Rock, Paul Mooney and Cedric the Entertainer. He has contributed to Cleveland Comedy Festival for several years now and brings quality joke writing and structure as experience to being an instructor.

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