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Are you a standup comic looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent?


Are you ready to make your mark on the north coast?


Look no further! We encourage you to apply.


Simply complete the form below & submit the application fee.  Please refer to our FAQ for more details.  Deadline is August 20.

We can't wait to see what you've got. If selected, we hope your jokes set the room on fire, but please, not the river.

We don't need that to happen again.

  • What is the Cleveland Comedy Festival?
    We a non-profit performing arts organization with a mission to celebrate the past, present, & future of stand-up comedy. Check out our About page or History of the Festival for full details.
  • When is this year’s festival?
    Wednesday, November 6 through Saturday, November 9, 2024. There will be multiple shows each night of the festival.
  • Where is this year’s festival?
    The primary location for the 2024 festival is TBD. Satellite shows throughout the greater Cleveland area will be announced at a later date.
  • Who can submit to the festival?
    Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit. Whether you are from Cleveland, Ohio, or Cleveland, Queensland, Australia, or somewhere in between. We want to celebrate the art of stand-up comedy from its many voices! It does not matter how long you have been doing comedy, so long as you are serious about performing live & being available the week of the festival. CCF has been around since 2008 and we have a great history of showcasing new & veteran talent to fans in Northeast Ohio.
  • What kind of submission is CCF looking for?
    URL link to YouTube or other video player source that can be shared and is accessible of a 5 - 7 minute stand-up performance. Please do not exceed 7 minutes, please make sure video is at least 5 minute. No highlight reels, videos must be a continuous 5 - 7 minutes. We strongly recommended that the set is recorded during the same performance, in front of an audience. It does not matter if it is at an open mic, you performing as an opener, feature, or headliner at a showcase, other festival, or special. Video quality is NOT a factor in selections. It can be Super 8 or 8K, so long as we can see you telling the jokes. Please try to have the best audio you can of your set. We want to hear from YOU more & not so much of the crowd.
  • Are you only accepting stand-up submissions?
    While we believe humor is universal, CCF’s focus is primarily on stand-up comedy, so no improv or sketch submissions are requested. Stand-up performances can be considered from multiple genres & formats, including, but not limited to: Alternative Character DIY Musical Observational Satire If you have a podcast, and are interested in doing a live recording during the festival, please cite that in the "Bio" portion of your submission form for consideration.
  • How much and why charge a submission fee?
    Submission fee is $20. All submission fees go directly into our annual budget to cover direct festival expenses, secure venues, insurance, & equipment. CCF is a registered non-profit and you can learn more of our mission.
  • How do I submit to the festival?
    Fill out the submission for then pay the fee. If submitted and selected, CCF, Inc. will contact you directly.
  • Am I guaranteed a spot if I pay & complete a submission?
    No. Entries are not guaranteed. Submissions go through an evaluation panel & selection process.
  • How are selections made?
    We have a diverse panel of multiple volunteer reviewers consisting of comics & non-comics. Personal details will be hidden from reviewers, unless it is on the video itself.
  • Is it even worth it?
    Oh yeah, it's worth it. Check out our Alumni page to see the current & future stars that have brought the laughs to "The Land".
  • I have more questions.  Who do I ask?
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