The Comical Heathen


“The Comical Heathen” debuts Oct. 20

A new live comedy show geared for people who love
satire debut at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 20 at Not Your Parents
Basement in 78th Street Studios in Cleveland.
“The Comical Heathen” stars Jerry C. Jaffe, a veteran
of the Cleveland stand-up scene. On each of episode he
includes a rant inspired by some recent event in the
news related to either religion or pseudoscience.



Jaffe says his plan is to take the best bits from the best
rants and develop them into a show.
“The biggest challenge,” Jaffe says, “has been to find
the right voice—I don’t want to be as angry as Jim
Jefferies or condescending like Bill Maher. I guess
what I’m going for is ‘annoyed teacher who is sick of
having to answer the same dumb questions’!”
This teacher-voice is not just a character, since Jaffe is
also a college professor at Lake Erie College. He also
teaches comedy at the college
78th Street Studios is located at 1305 W. 80th St. in
Cleveland. The building is a former American
Greetings warehouse that has been converted into
gallery spaces for local artists.