The 2017 Cleveland Comedy Festival included over 75 talented people from Ohio and all over the U.S. and Canada performing in 30+ shows in 5 days!

2017 Featured Comedians & Performers

Fred Willard

Lou Santini

Bill Squire

Jeff Blanchards

Fred Willard
An Evening With Fred Willard 12/1

Lou Santini
Kickoff Show 11/29

Bill Squire
10th Anniversary Show

Jeff Blanchard
The Four Horsemen of Comedy 11/30

Marc Jaffe

Mike Conley

Bill Benden

Charlie Wiener

Marc Jaffe
10th Anniversary Show 12/2

Mike Conley
The Four Horsemen of Comedy 11/30

Bill Benden
The Four Horsemen of Comedy 11/30

Charlie Wiener
The Four Horsemen of Comedy 11/30

Jasmyn Carter

Mike Cheselka

Mike McIntyre

Juanda Mayfield

Jasmyn Carter
10th Anniversary Show 12/2

Mike Cheselka
10th Anniversary Show 12/2

Mike McIntyre
An Evening With Fred Willard 12/2

Juanda Mayfield
Ladies and Wine 12/2

Contest Comedians

Contest Prelim #1 – Wed 11/29 8pm

John Bruton
John Bruton (CLE)
Jarrell Barnes
Jarrell Barnes (CHI)
Josh Volchko
Josh Volchko (CLE)
Maurice Shaw
Maurice Shaw (IL)
Munish Joshi
Munish Joshi (TOR)
Matthew English
Matthew English (GA)
Matt Farkus
Matt Farkus (CLE)
Joe Medoff
Joe Medoff (BOS)
Jon Newman
Jon Newman (NY)
Robert Carmona
Robert Carmona (TOR)
Dorian Vasquez
Dorian Vasquez (PHI)
Jason Moliterno
Jason Moliternoo (OH)

Contest Prelim #2 – Thur 11/30 8pm

Xavier King
Xavier King (CLE)
Zahid Dewji
Zahid Dewji (HOU)
Zachary Brazao
Zachary Brazao (BOS)
Jon Durnell
Jon Durnell (LA)
Dylan Uscher
Dylan Uscher (BOS)
Chris Clem
Chris Clem (CHI)
John Armstrong
John Armstrong (CLE)
Dylan Lusk
Dylan Lusk (CLE)
Jessica Faulstich
Jessica Faulstich (CLE)
Tiffany Walker
Tiffany Walker (PHI)
Ray Hyclak
Ray Hyclak (CLE)
Kristen Lundberg
Kristen Lundberg (CHI)

Contest Prelim #3 – Fri 12/1 8pm

Liz Blanc
Liz Blanc (CLE)
Kathleen DeMarle
Kathleen DeMarle (BOS)
Michelle Sui
Michelle Sui (BOS)
Mark Brady
Mark Brady (NC)
Gregory Hold
Gregory Hold (NY)
Johnny Azari
Johnny Azari (NO)
Yoni Heisler
Yoni Heisler (CHI)
Ziggy Klett
Ziggy Klette (MI)
JJ Johnson
JJ Johnson (CLE)
Marcello Hernandez
Marcello Hernandez (CLE)
Sonal Aggarwal
Sonal Aggarwal (CHI)
Shaun Bedgood
Shaun Bedgood (LA)

Contest Prelim #4 – Fri 12/1 10pm

Chris Harvey
Chris Harvey (AKR)
Joe Bates
Joe Bates (IN)
Brendan Krick
Brendan Krick (PHI)
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez (NY)
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien (BOS)
Jimmy McNamara
Jimmy McNamara (CLE)
Maxi Witrak
Maxi Witrak (LA)
Christopher Schmidt
Christopher Schmidt (WI)
Ellory Smith
Ellory Smith (LA)
David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin (BOS)
Liam McGurk
Liam McGurk (BOS)
Bryce Druzin
Bryce Druzin (SF)

Showcase Comedians

Kristin Galewood
Kristin Galewood (CLE)
Daniel Myers
Daniel Myers (CLE)
Carli Robe
Carli Robe (CLE)
Ant Morrow
Ant Morrow (CLE)
Joe Soulsby
Joe Soulsby (CLE)
Desmond Turner
Desmond Turner (CLE)
Beth Lockshin
Beth Lockshin (CLE)
Dan Nemeth
Dan Nemeth (CLE)
Skitzo Bill
Skitzo Bill (CLE)