One of the Good Guys in Comedy – Marv Conner

What do you call a mentor, father, comedian & teacher? Marv Conner, has been a consistent supporter of comedians and the Akron/ Cleveland comedy scene for years. He is a staple of the Funny Stop Comedy Club in Cuyahoga Falls and has often taken part in and assisted with the Cleveland Comedy Festival. Marv attended Carrollton High School and the University of Akron. Conner taught for 30 years, coached basketball, track & cross country for 27 of those years. He and his wife Charlene who have been married for 31 years raised three children; Brittany, Colton and Devin, who is continuing the comedic legacy moving to Los Angeles to pursue comedy.


For 18 years ‘Mad’ Marv, as he is known, has supported & performed comedy in Northeast Ohio entertaining thousands over the years. He attributes his style and influences  to Bill Hicks and Dave Attell along with Mike Veneman, another staple of Northeast Ohio comedy.

The highlights of Marv’s career includes appearing in the very successful “American Gladiators- rejected auditions” and “Man Gets Ass Beat By Cop” which have been seen by millions of viewers. He has performed in the HBO internet series Runaway box, and Man in the box. He also has appeared on the Tony Rizzo Show and The Mike Polk Jr. Show which can be found on Fox 8 Cleveland. Marv is a regular on The Pretty Swell Guys comedy pod cast and has anchored their shows at local comedy clubs. Marv took part in The Pretty Swell Guys Cleveland Comedy Festival TV broadcast where he appeared as a feature act. Marv has also been featured in The Cleveland Plain Dealer Laugh Track column. He has written for the late Mike Veneman and owes his comedy insight to Mike as he was Marv’s first teacher in comedy and valuable alibi witness. Marv is unpredictable and has such a great time doing comedy you can bet you will have a fun time too. Marv Conner is one of the good guys in comedy always thinking of others, how he can help, above all else, he is a model of each person in comedy or in life should strive to emulate, a true professional.