Gig Report: The Ad Hominem Attack Show

Hosts: Chris Paugh & Ryne DiPerna

Showtime: 8pm

Location: Canopy Collective

Address:  3910 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44113


Last night 16 comics went head-to-head in battles of wit and cruelty in the back of a Cleveland art gallery. The Ad Hominem Attack Show is one of the best new shows to pop-up this year. Founded by Chris Paugh and Ryne DiPerna, these roast battles pit two comedians against each other, exchanging insults in front of a panel of judges and ravenous crowd. This month’s show changed up the format a bit, being the first of two shows dedicated to a tournament that will reward one comedian with a chance to perform on a special Roast Battle at the Cleveland Comedy Festival. Each battle consisted of five insults from each comedian.

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This month’s winners, who will advance to round two on Saturday, November 5th, are Tabitha Jones, Sam Latourette, David Gamble, Ian Miller, Kristin Galewood,  Spyder Jones, Eulise Dickerson, and Burner. These comics will compete in November to crown a Roast Battle champion who will go on to face Jeremy Sheer at the Cleveland Comedy Festival later that month. Right now, the show is one of the best and most unique experiences in the city, so don’t miss out on November’s show! For more details, follow the link to their Facebook event page: