Get your kid out in front with humor

Register today for the Class Clown Workshop

The 9th annual Cleveland Comedy Festival is quickly approaching. Seasoned veterans will perform hilarious showcases and 48 comedians from around the country will compete for the grand prize of $2,000.

One particular class of benefit at this year’s festival is The Class Clown comedy workshop. Available to children ages 11-17, stand-up is more than just being funny. Don’t associate ‘class clown’ with someone who acts out or constantly gets in trouble. If done right, a class clown can become a class act sooner rather then later.

Here are 5 reasons why it pays to learn stand-up early on in life.

1)    Storytelling – Whether you’re in job interview, on a date or doing a presentation at work, you’re going to have to be a persuasive storyteller. Stories are easy to follow and if you can communicate a beginning, middle and end you’re already ahead of the pack. Stand-up are many short stories put together. With the instructors at the Class Clown workshop, you’ll be able to get a base of what stand up: short stories with surprise endings. Instructors Rodney Bengston, Mike Scanlon and John Wellington have decades of experience to guide you through your setup and ultimately land on your punchline.

2)    Writing – Believe it or not, writing is a lost art. I know this because I am a copywriter and people depend on me for the simplest of sentences. Through touch screens and texts the generation coming up won’t rely on the pad and paper like we do. This class will have students in the mindset of constantly writing by looking at life differently. A workshop like this is a great way to mold the minds of young people to recognize the funny things that happen every day.

3)    Presentation Skills – If you can do stand-up, you can do probably knock out any form of public speaking. Book reports, interpersonal communications and a host of other everyday things benefit from learning how stand-up works. Stand-up has helped me turned me into a storyteller in interviewing for jobs or even with a creative presentation to clients. Much of today’s youth has their heads buried in their phones or tablets. You can stick out by getting out… in front of people.

4)    Humor is universal – A sense of humor goes a long way. Learning stand-up accelerates your child’s education of how the world works. The class clown workshop provides a great platform where the instructors can hone in the comedy that already comes from the mouth of babes. You always hear learning a second language is essential to getting ahead. Stand-up is a second language where you can take your confidence to the next level. Also, sometimes stand-up sets don’t go well. And sometimes you don’t get the job you interviewed for. Your kid has the benefit of learning how to deal with setbacks and for every bombed set, there’s a stage that’s just waiting to be killed.

5)    It worked for me – I took Dave Schwensen’s comedy workshop when I was 25 and it was the best investment I made in my life. Stand-up has led me to sharing the stage with some great comedians to eventually starting my own business. It also got me a job in corporate America, which is actually pretty cool too. I know, I sound like a sell out.

If your child decides to take the reigns of comedy maybe he or she will be a sell out, too. In theater and comedy clubs all over the country! It starts with registering for the class. Do it here!

Josh Womack is Head Writer of Laugh Staff, where he writes hilarious wedding speeches. He is also a copywriter for Progressive Insurance.