This week we had the chance to catch up with 2011 Festival winner and Cleveland native, Mike Head. Mike has taken his comedic talents and continued to grow in entertainment as he also now acts in film and in theatre productions!

Where do you make home these days? Are you getting out on the road as well?
I still live in the Cleveland area, and I’m on the road periodically to get some gigs in.
Do you remember what went through your mind the evening you won the 2011 Cleveland Comedy Festival contest?
I remember thinking oh crap I can’t believe I’m in the finals. I usually don’t come in first place with anything so I was not expecting to win at all.
What are you doing comedically currently?
 I have a comedy segment on 93.1 WZAK every Tues & Thurs. Still featuring and headlining at clubs. And continuing to work on a comedy/drama tv series based on my life (no production just writing stages now).
From standup comedy and now to acting as well, it seems you’ve continued to expand. How did that come about?
Just studying the greats. Most of them have made that transition from comedy to acting. So I started doing local theatre and auditioning for tv and film whenever I had the opportunity.
How and where can people see things that you have been in?
“With This Ring” is a Lifetime movie that can be purchased on Amazon or rented from a local video store. “Jerico” an independent film (features comedic great George Wallace) which has received international distribution, on sale at Walmart and can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

Winning the comedy festival, all the way to headlining the Cleveland Improv this year. What has it meant to have such success through your passion in the town you’re from? 
It means a lot to me to see the growth. I remember being nervous about doing 10 minutes as the host. Now Im headlining the same stage…it feels great.
What’s next on the horizon for Mike Head?
I’m not sure really, but I would love to be in BAD BOYS 3 though!!!
Check out Mike’s website for tour dates and be sure to follow him on Twitter @mikeheadcomedy to keep up with all that he’s doing!