The year was 2012 and a young man that grew up in the Cleveland area and graduated from Oberlin made a mark after only being in the world of stand-up comedy for a short time. Curtis Cook placed 3rd in the Cleveland Comedy Festival contest finals that year and he’s been carrying that momentum ever since. We caught up with Curtis and we’re happy to report, he’s doing well (quite well) for himself in the world of comedy. Here’s a bit of our conversation!


Curtis Cook, Photo Credit: Danny Felts
Photo Credit: Danny Felts

Where are you living these days?

I live in Los Angeles, California.

 In 2012, you were young into your stand-up comedy career, how did it feel to be named a finalist, especially in the town you started?

It felt great. When you first start doing comedy, there’s a constant sense of dread and self-doubt. Over the years, I’ve learned that never goes away. But to feel a sense of acceptance as a new comic in my home city really gave me the oomph I needed to keep going.

What are you doing comedically currently?

I’m currently a writer for The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central.

Your career seems to have taken many strides thanks to your writing. Do you see this as being more of your future or is stand-up still a major passion?

Writing has been great. It’s given me health care and a sense of stability that standup could never offer. Unfortunately, standup is still my major passion. It may well be the death of me, but it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.

How and where can people catch your work?

The Jim Jefferies Show airs Tuesday nights at 10:30/9:30c. You can check out a desk piece I did for the show on YouTube. For live performance information, visit my website and shoot me an email.

Any plans of Cleveland in the future? And what’s next for Curtis Cook overall?

I’ll be swinging through Cleveland for a few shows this fall. As for my overall plans, who knows? My main goal is to avoid real work while still being able to affording mid-shelf whiskey.


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