He came to the Cleveland Comedy Scene as a young man fresh off of questioning his Mormon upbringing. He has evolved into a veteran of clubs all over, an iTunes charter and a voice in your ear on weekday afternoons via The Alan Cox Show on WMMS. This week we caught up with Cleveland Comedy Festival alum, Bill Squire, ahead of his headlining appearance at Funny Stop Comedy Club in Cuyahoga Falls this weekend.

Bill Squire at the Funny Stop Comedy Club September 6 through 8

You were around for the very beginning of the festival and have participated in recent years as well. Can you describe some of the growth you’ve seen?

The early years were fun. It was kind of a mindset of “Let’s see if we can do this.” and now it’s evolved to “Let’s see how big we can make this.” I really appreciate the effort by John and Joe and everyone that has helped it grow over the years.

When it comes to you personally, since those early days, you’ve gone from standup comic starting to make a name for himself, to cohosting a radio show in Cleveland every week day afternoon. What has that been like for you?

It’s been great. I love radio and comedy and getting to do both professionally is a dream come true.

How have being a standup comic and being on the radio helped each other for you?

Radio has forced me to be more informed which has shaped my point of view. Stand up helps me on the radio cause I can find punchlines in conversations.

What have been some of your favorite achievements in comedy over the last ten years?

Having a number 1 album on iTunes is number one for me. Winning Best Comedian for Scene Magazine in 2017 was another good one.

What are some future plans in comedy and entertainment for Bill Squire?

Hopefully to film a comedy special in the near future.

Aside from weekdays at 2pm on 100.7WMMS in Cleveland (and iHeartRadio) on the Alan Cox Show, where can people keep up with all things Bill Squire?

Instagram stories. That’s my favorite form of social media. @billsquire

Check out a preview of Bill’s standup with the clip below and be sure to see him at the Funny Stop! Call for reservations 330-923-4700.