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The 2013 Cleveland Comedy Festival is proud to be partnering with 13 Cleveland-area venues during Festival week to offer more comedy shows than ever.  26 shows in 7 days will take place in Cleveland, Lakewood, Lorain, Mentor, Cuyahoga Falls and Kent and will include comedians from all over the U.S. and Canada that are in town for the Festival.  Many of the shows are FREE!  So in addition to the Featured Shows at PlayhouseSquare, there is bound to be a show near you.

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Mutt & Jeff’s 3700 Oberlin Ave. Lorain, OH 44053 (440) 282-4080
7 FREE Shows @ 9PM, Show Organizer: Angel Isaac Tweet:@AngelIsaacLOL
Mutt and Jeff's

Mon 11/11

Tue 11/12

Wed 11/13

Thur 11/14

Fri 11/15

Sat 11/16

Sun 11/17

Andy YP, Andy Shearman, Tim Cornett, Oliver Gray, Justin Golak, Delmar Everheart, Ant Morrow

Will Kesling, Drew Mulkins, Chris Coen, Mike Szar, Jason Moliterno

Matty Litwack, Chris Mulawyshyn, Will Garre, Tommie Grant Jr., Andre McSween

Danny Felts, Curtis Cook, Zain Khalid, Greg Mandryk, Matt Brown

Tim Danko, Travis Wallings, Mike Ivy, Ramon Rivas II, Aliye AJ, Rune Diya, Ryan Houssein, DK Hamilton

Dougie Almeida, Danny Palmer, Chris Clem, Chris Hegedus, Rob Coleman, Jaya Bidari

Christa Weiss, Saleem, Chuck Costanzo, Mary Santora, Krish Mohan, Rodescu Hopkins, Sean Sullivan, Zach Martina

Sachsenheim Hall
7001 Denison Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102 (216) 657-0888
4 FREE Shows Wed – Sat @ 9PM
Show Organizers: Dan Brown & Aaron Pearl Tweet:@aaronpearl

Wed 11/13

Thur 11/14

Fri 11/15

Sat 11/16

Chris Coen, Darren Discenzo, Erin Hart, Tyler Sullivan, Mike Szar, DK Hamilton, Chris Hegedus

Tom Brady, Ryan Houssein, Rune Diya, Jason Moliterno, T Blount, Saleem, Mike Paramore, Will Kesling

Andre McSween, Brad Wenzel, Darren Discenzo, Curtis Cook, Tawanda Gona, Zach Martina, Zain Khalid, Christa Weiss, Danny Felts

Aliye AJ, Dwayne Duke, Kevin Shustak, Matty Litwack, Kirk Bogos, Jake Solomon, Tim Hanlon, DK Hamilton

Teamz Restaurant & Bar
6611 Eastland Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130 (440) 243-7288
3 FREE Shows @ 9PM on Mon, Thur & Sat
Show Organizer: Mary Santora Tweet:@mary_santora

Mon 11/11

Thur 11/14

Sat 11/16

Tim McLaughlin, Spyder Jones, Walter Hemmelgarn, Jake Solomon, TM Francis, Mary Santora, Will Kesling

Milton Wyley, Stephanie Lochbihler, Justin Golak, Tim Cornett, Tim Hanlon, Joe Whelan

Mat Alano-Martin, Mike Szar, Spark Tabor, Yusuf Ali, Zach Martina, Micheal Geeter, Oliver Gray, Will Garre

Ohio City Masonic Temple
2831 Franklin Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 344-2277
MS Benefit Show “sLAUGHTER Fest” @ 9PM on Fri Tickets $15
Show Organizer: Jeremy Sheer Tweet:@dirtysheer

Fri 11/15 @9PM GET TICKETS

Jeremy Sheer, Will Kesling, Mike O’Brien, Joe Whelan, Kevin Shustak, Dougie Almeida, Ariel Elias, Mike Paramore, Will Garre

aloft Cleveland Downtown
1111 10th St. Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 400-6469
2 FREE Shows @ 10PM on Tue & Thur
Show Organizer: Joe Hannum Tweet:@CLEcomedyfest

Tue 11/12 @10PM

Thur 11/14 @10PM

Andy YP, Jeremy Sheer, Rodescu Hopkins, Spark Tabor, Yusuf Ali, Walter Hemmelgarn, Erik Cribley

Dougie Almeida, Aliye AJ, Darren Discenzo, Ariel Elias, Chris Mulawyshyn, Antonio Aguilar, Christa Weiss, Matty Litwack

Hilarities 4th Street Theatre
2035 E. 4th St. Cleveland, OH 44115 (216) 736-4242
1 Show @ 8PM on Wed Tickets $13/$18
Show Organizer: Hilarities Tweet:@hilarities

Wed 11/13 @8PM $13/$18 GET TICKETS

Erik Cribley, Brent Terhune, Tawanda Gona, Tom Brady, Kevin Shustak, Mary Santora, HEADLINER: John Camponera

The Funny Stop Comedy Club
1757 State Rd. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 (330) 923-1962
1 Show @ 8PM on Wed Tickets $6
Show Organizer: The Funny Stop Tweet:@funnystop
The Funny Stop

Wed 11/13 @8PM $6 GET TICKETS

Dave Arena, Tim Cornett, Mike Ivy, Chris Clem, Krish Mohan, Mike Paramore, HEADLINER: Chad Zumock

Eastside Comedy Zone @ Toth’s Place
6966 Heisley Rd. Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 974-1390
1 FREE Show @ 8PM on Wed
Show Organizer: Jerry Jaffe

Wed 11/13 @8PM

Justin Golak, Ryan Houssein, Kali Fencl, Ant Morrow, Matthew Brady, Rob Coleman, Devin Conner, HEADLINER: Jeremy Sheer

Bon Bon Pastry & Cafe
2549 Lorain Rd. Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 458-9225
1 FREE Show @ 8PM on Sat
Show Organizer: Tim Cornett Tweet:@timcornett01
Bon Bon

Sat 11/16 @8PM

Tim Cornett, Arial Elias, Antonio Aguilar, Brent Terhune, Jason Moliterno, Tom Brady

The 5 O’Clock Lounge
11904 Detroit Rd. Lakewood, OH 44107 (216) 521-4906
2 FREE Shows @ 10PM on Mon & Tue
Show Organizer: Joe Whelan Tweet:@jjwhales

Mon 11/11 @10PM

Tue 11/12 @10PM

Tim Danko, Matthew Brady, Kirk Bogos, Yusuf Ali, Erik Cribley, Chris Mulawyshyn

Marv Conner, Dwayne Duke, Mat Alano-Martin, Tim Danko, Tom Brady, Andy Shearman

13200 Madison Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107 (216) 521-3280
1 FREE Show @ 9PM on Tue
Show Organizer: Tweet:Chelsea King @itschelseaking

Papa Nick’s 11534 Clifton Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44102 (216) 281-9191
1 FREE Show @ 7PM on Sun
Show Organizer: Joe Whelan @jjwhales

Tue 11/12 @9PM

Sun 11/17 @7PM

Chelsea King, Tommie Grant Jr., Jake Solomon, Sean Sullivan, Tim Hanlon, Spyder Jones, Delmar Everheart, Jimmie Graham

Erin Hart, Danny Palmer, DK Hamilton, Greg Mandryk, Kali Fencl, Tawanda Gona, Kirk Bogos, Danny Felts

Stone Tavern 110 East Main St. Kent, OH 44240 (330) 677-7320
1 FREE Shows @ 8:30PM on Mon
Show Organizer: Anthony Savatt Tweet:@anthonysavatt
Stone Tavern

Mon 11/11 @8:30PM

Anthony Savatt, Tommie Grant Jr., Tyler Sullivan, Drew Mulkins, Krish Mohan