2016 Performers

The 2016 Cleveland Comedy Festival will included over 750 talented people from Ohio and all over the U.S. and Canada. Over 30 Shows in 5 Days featuring these amazing talented performers

2016 Featured Comedians & Performers

Jason Lawhead

Chris Porter

Mike Polk

Diamond Dogs

Jason Lawhead
LIVE @ Sachsenheim Hall 11/17

Chris Porter
LIVE @ Sachsenheim Hall 11/17

Mike Polk Jr.
Cleveland Tonight!
We Can Be Heroes

Diamond Dogs
Cleveland Tonight!
We Can Be Heroes

Jeff Blanchard

Bill Squire

Dave Arena

Juanda Mayfield

Jeff Blanchard
Cleveland All-Stars

Bill Squire
Cleveland All-Stars

Dave Arena
Cleveland All-Stars

Juanda Mayfield
Cleveland All-Stars

Contest Comedians

Aaron Naylor
Aaron Naylor (KC)
Andrew Frank
Andrew Frank (STL)
Anthony Armstrong
Anthony Armstrong (DEN)
Arish Singh
Arish Singh (CHI)
Caitlin Checkeroski
Caitlin Checkeroski (CHI)
Chris Clem
Chris Clem (CHI)
Chris Paugh
Chris Paugh (CLE)
Christine Ferrara
Christine Ferrara (BALT)
Christopher Schmidt
Christopher Schmidt (MIL)
Daniel Weber
Daniel Weber (CHI)
Dario Joseph
Dario Joseph (BKLYN)
Diego Attanasio
Diego Attanasio (MI)
Dorian Vasquez
Dorian Vasquez (COL)
Liz Blanc
Liz Blanc (CLE)
Guido Cocomello
Guido Cocomello (LA)
Tabitha Jones
Tabitha Jones (CLE)
JJ Johnson
JJ Johnson (CLE)
Jasmyn Carter
Jasmyn Carter (CLE)
Jason Moliterno
Jason Moliterno (OH)
Jason Allen King
Jason Allen King (CHA)
Jeffrey Paul
Jeffrey Paul (NYC)
Jenson Strock
Jenson Strock (CLE)
Jimmy Nelson
Jimmy Nelson (TX)
Jimmy Callaway
Jimmy Callaway (SD)
Joe McCormick
Joe McCormick (YNG)
John Sucich
John Sucich (BOS)
Jon Ruggiero
Jon Ruggiero (OH)
Josh Morrow
Josh Morrow (CLE)
Josh Volchko
Josh Volchko (AKR)
Juliana Rodrigues
Juliana Rodrigues (ONT)
Kass Smiley
Kass Smiley (AK)
Mamoudou NDiaye
Mamoudou NDiaye (BKLYN)
Mark Philipp
Mark Philipp (OH)
Skitzo Bill
Skitzo Bill (CLE)
Mike Bain
Mike Bain (BOS)
Nancy Remley
Nancy Remley (CLE)
Peter Kemme
Peter Kemme (CHI)
Ray Hyclak
Ray Hyclak (CLE)
Sabeen Sadiq
Sabeen Sadiq (CHI)
Sarah Vulpio
Sarah Vulpio (CHI)
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan (CLE)
Shawn Gnandt
Shawn Gnandt (LA)
Sonal Aggarwal
Sonal Aggarwal (CHI)
Tim Cornett
Tim Cornett (CLE)
Tom Plute
Tom Plute (COL)
Vikram Pandya
Vikram Pandya (CHI)
Jan Gudaitis
Jan Gudaitis (IND)
Milton Wyley
Milton Wyley (CLE)

Showcase Comedians

Kristin Galewood
Kristin Galewood (CLE)
Ryan Yex
Ryan Yex (CLE)
Logan Rishaw
Logan Rishaw (CLE)
Ant Morrow
Ant Morrow (CLE)
Erin McHugh
Erin McHugh (CLE)
Jessica Faulstich
Jessica Faulstich (CLE)
Marcello Hernandez
Marcello Hernandez (CLE)
Kevin Rossborough
Kevin Rossborough (CLE)
Bob Kinner
Bob Kinner (CLE)
Tommy Eckel
Tommy Eckel (CLE)
Matt Farkus
Matt Farkus (CLE)
Brandon Onda
Brandon Onda (CLE)