Performers (2014)

The 2014 Cleveland Comedy Festival included over 100 talented people from Ohio and all over the U.S. and Canada in 50+ shows.  Registration for 2015 is now open.  Who will be performing this year?  Check back soon and see.

2014 Featured Comedians & Performers

Marina Franklin

Al Jackson

Marc Jaffe

Steve Skrovan

Marina Franklin
CCF Headliner

Al Jackson
CLE Homecoming

Marc Jaffe
Cleveland Writes!

Steve Skrovan
Cleveland Writes!

Mike Polk

Bill Squire

Joe Howard

Chad Zumock

Mike Polk Jr.
Cleveland Tonight!

Bill Squire
CLE Homecoming

Joe Howard
Cleveland Favorites

Chad Zumock
Cleveland Favorites

Ryan Dalton

Mike Farrell

Lisa DeBenedictis

Shane Torres

Ryan Dalton
Cleveland Favorites

Mike Farrell
Cleveland Favorites

Lisa DeBenedictis
Cleveland Writes!

Shane Torres
w/ Marina Franklin

Eddie Brill

Dave Arena

Bill Boronkay

Chris Hegedus

Eddie Brill
Nighttown 11/19

Dave Arena
Host – Prelim #1

Bill Boronkay
Host – Prelim #2

Chris Hegedus
Host – Prelim #4

Contest Comedians

Prelim #1 Mon 11/17Prelim #1 Mon 11/17Prelim #1 Mon 11/17Prelim #1 Mon 11/17Prelim #1 Mon 11/17Prelim #1 Mon 11/17
Rahmein (DC)
Evan Eggers
Evan Eggers (TX)
Gabe Canan-Zucker
Gabe Canan-Zucker (NY)
Tim Cornett
Tim Cornett (CLE)
Brian Kenny
Brian Kenny (CLE)
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell (CHI)
Tim Messenger
Tim Messenger (CO)
Christian Pieper
Christian Pieper (UT)
Chris Clem
Chris Clem (CHI)
Chris Nakis
Chris Nakis (BOS)
Upa In Space
Upa In Space (NY)
David Freeburg
David Freeburg (WI)
Prelim #2 Tue 11/18Prelim #2 Tue 11/18Prelim #2 Tue 11/18Prelim #2 Tue 11/18Prelim #2 Tue 11/18Prelim #2 Tue 11/18
Tim Lucas
Tim Lucas (OH)
Eric Cribley
Eric Cribley (CLE)
Richard Sarvate
Richard Sarvate (CA)
Geoffrey Asmus
Geoffrey Asmus (WI)
Marty Archibald
Marty Archibald (UT)
Dennis Rooney
Dennis Rooney (NY)
Lance Richards
Lance Richards (CHI)
Matt Chaves
Matt Chaves (BOS)
Mary Santora
Mary Santora (CLE)
Tom Plute
Tom Plute (COL)
Mike Szar
Mike Szar (TOL)
Todd Thomas
Todd Thomas (CHI)
Prelim #3 Wed 11/19Prelim #3 Wed 11/19Prelim #3 Wed 11/19Prelim #3 Wed 11/19Prelim #3 Wed 11/19Prelim #3 Wed 11/19
KC Arora
KC Arora (NY)
Matty Litwack
Matty Litwack (DC)
Jonathan Pfendler
Jonathan Pfendler (WI)
Spark Tabor
Spark Tabor (CIN)
John Bruton
John Bruton (CLE)
Joe Newman
Joe Newman (NY)
Krish Mohan
Krish Mohan (PIT)
Anthony Savatt
Anthony Savatt (KENT)
Mike Maxwell
Mike Maxwell (CHI)
Dan Muller
Dan Muller (CHI)
Tim Wolfe
Tim Wolfe (CLE)
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan (KENT)
Prelim #4 Thurs 11/20Prelim #4 Thurs 11/20Prelim #4 Thurs 11/20Prelim #4 Thurs 11/20Prelim #4 Thurs 11/20Prelim #4 Thurs 11/20
Yohei Kawamata
Yohei Kawamata (NY)
JJ Liberman
JJ Liberman (ONT)
Aidan Park
Aidan Park (CA)
Rob Christensen
Rob Christensen (CA)
Kali Fencl
Kali Fencl (CLE)
Dario Josef
Dario Josef (NY)
Sean Jaundice
Sean Jaundice (CLE)
Antonio Aguilar
Antonio Aguilar (WI)
Rob Telecky
Rob Telecky (CLE)
Alan Park
Alan Park (BOS)
Miles Hendrix
Miles Hendrix (CHI)
Toler Wolfe
Toler Wolfe (WI)

Showcase Comedians

Andy Boyle
Andy Boyle (CHI)
Ben Noble
Ben Noble (CHI)
Brad Weiner
Brad Weiner (CLE)
Chris Gayner
Chris Gayner (CLE)
Devin Conner
Devin Conner (CLE)
Dorian Vasquez
Dorian Vasquez (COL)
Drew Mulkins
Drew Mulkins (CLE)
Eliana Horeczko
Eliana Horeczko (NY)
George Dunne
George Dunne (CLE)
Jason Moliterno
Jason Moliterno (TOL)
Jaya Bidari
Jaya Bidari (CLE)
Jeremy Sheer
Jeremy Sheer (CLE)
Jerry Jaffe
Jerry Jaffe (CLE)
Joe Whelan
Joe Whelan (CLE)
Kirk Bogos
Kirk Bogos (CLE)
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson (CHI)
Kristin Galewood
Kristin Galewood (CLE)
Kwasi Mensah
Kwasi Mensah (BOS)
Lou Modic
Lou Modic (CLE)
Mamoudou N'Diyae
Mamoudou N'Diyae (OH)
Marcus Cox
Marcus Cox (PA)
Marv Conner
Marv Conner (CLE)
Michael Geeter
Michael Geeter (MI)
Milton Wyley
Milton Wyley (CLE)
Nancy Remley
Nancy Remley (CLE)
Rob Coleman
Rob Coleman (CLE)
Spyder Jones
Spyder Jones (CLE)
Tim Danko
Tim Danko (CAN)
Samuel Priest
Samuel Priest (CHI)
Tony Adamshick
Tony Adamshick (TOL)
Tyler Ross
Tyler Ross (CHI)
Walter Hemmelgarn
Walter Hemmelgarn (CLE)
Will Kesling
Will Kesling (CLE)
Ryne DiPerna
Ryne DiPerna (CLE)
Alexandra Morse
Alexandra Morse (CLE)
John Egan
John Egan (WI)
Steve Mers
Steve Mers (CLE)
Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott (CHI)
Chad Weaver
Chad Weaver (CLE)
Nick Yurick
Nick Yurick (CLE)
Delmar Everheart
Delmar Everheart (CLE)
Brenna MC
Brenna MC (CLE)
Aaron Nadell
Aaron Nadell (IN)
Phil Torres
Phil Torres (CLE)
Jeff Cerulli
Jeff Cerulli (NY)
Cody Cooper
Cody Cooper (CLE)
Vincent Acevedo
Vincent Acevedo (CHI)
Roger Haak
Roger Haak (CO)