2013 Performers

The 2013 Cleveland Comedy Festival included over 100 talented people from Ohio and all over the U.S. and Canada were in Cleveland last November.  Browse the photos below to see who was in the CCF last year.

Who will perform this year?  Maybe you!  Visit the Comedian Registration Page now.

2013 Featured Comedians & Performers

Todd Barry

Mike Vecchione

Second City

Last Call Cleveland

Todd Barry
CCF Headliner

Mike Vecchione
Stand-Up For Downs

The Second City
Happily Ever Laughter

Last Call Cleveland

Mike Polk

Joe Howard

Chris Clem

Bill Squire

Mike Polk Jr.
Best of Cleveland

Bill Squire
Best of Cleveland

Chris Clem
Best of Cleveland

Dave Arena
Best of Cleveland

Mike Head

Tim Cornett

Mike Ivy

Darrell Dawson

Mike Head
Best of Cleveland

Tim Cornett
w/ Todd Barry

Mike Ivy
w/ Todd Barry

Darrell Dawson
w/ Todd Barry

Sea Tea Improv

Mike Farrell

Josh Womack

Jeff Blanchard

Sea Tea Improv

Mike Farrell
Contest Finals Host

Josh Womack
Stand-Up For Downs

Jeff Blanchard
Class Clown Show

Contest Comedians

Chris Coen (COL)ChrisCoen-Th
Dan Wilbur (NYC)DanWilbur-Th
Jason Moliterno (PIT)JasonMoliterno-Th
Jeremy Sheer (CLE)JeremySheer-Th
Mat Alano-Martin (IND)MatAlanoMartin-Th
Mike Szar (TOL)NotMikeSzar-Th
Mike Ivy (CLE)Micheal_Ivy-Th
Ramon Rivas II (CLE)RamonRivas-Th
Rick Matthews (BUF)RickMatthews-Th
Spark Tabor (CIN)SparkTabor-Th
Jaya Bidari (CLE)JayaBidari-Th
Tom Brady (CHI)TomBrady-Th
Andy YP (LA, CA)AndyYP-Th
Brent Terhune (IND)BrentTerhune-Th
Chris Hegedus (CLE)ChrisHegedus-Th
Chuck Constanzo (CLE)ChuckCostanzo-Th
DK Hamilton (MI)DKHamilton-Th
Erik Cribley (OH)ErikCribley-Th
Justin Golak (COL)JustinGolak-Th
Krish Mohan (PIT)KrishMohan-Th
Mary Santora (CLE)MarySantora-Th
Mike Paramore (COL)MikeParamore-Th
Tim Cornett (CLE)TimCornett-Th
Zach Martina (MI)ZachMartina-Th
Spyder Jones (OH)SpyderJones-Th
Curtis Cook (POR, OR)CurtisCook-Th
Dougie Almeida (FL)DougieAlmeida-Th
Dwayne Duke (PIT)DwayneDuke-Th
Greg Mandryk (CLE)GregMandryk-Th
Kirk Bogos (CLE)KirkBogos-Th
Mike O’Brien (BOS)MikeOBrien-Th
Rodescu Hopkins (CLE)RodescuHopkins-Th
Yusuf Ali (CLE)YusufAli-Th
Zain Khalid (NYC)ZainKhalid-Th
Aliye AJ (LA, CA)AliyeAJ-Th
Andre McSween (NYC)AndreMcSween-Th
Antonio Aguilar (WI)AntonioAnguilar-Th
Ariel Elias (NO)ArielElias-Th
Brad Wenzel (MI)BradWenzel-Th
Chris Clem (CHI)ChrisClem-Th
Danny Palmer (NYC)DannyPalmer-Th
Kali Fencl (CLE)KaliFencl-Th
Kevin Shustack (MON, CANADA)KevinShustack-Th
Matty Litwack (DC)MattyLitwack-Th
Tawanda Gona (BOS)TawandaGona-Th
Erin Hart (CA)ErinHart-Th

Showcase Comedians

Andy Shearman (IND)AndyShearman-Th
Angel Isaac (CLE)AngelIsaac-Th
Ant Morrow (CLE)AntMorrow-Th
Chris Mulawyshyn (ONT, CANADA)ChrisMulawyshyn-Th
Christa Weiss (BOS)ChristaWeiss-Th
Danny Felts (POR)DannyFelts-Th
Darren Discenzo (NH)DarrenDiscenzo-Th
Drew Mulkins (CLE)DrewMulkins-Th
Ed Hill (VAN, CANADA)EdHill-Th
Erin Hart (LA, CA)ErinHart-Th
Jake Solomon (CLE)JakeSolomon-Th
Tim McLaughlin (MI)TimMcLaughlin-Th
Saleem (LA, CA)Saleem-Th
Jaya Bidari (CLE)JayaBidari-Th
Joe Whelan (CLE)JoeWhelan-Th
Kristin Galewood (CLE)KristinGalewood-Th
Matthew Brady (CLE)MattBrady-Th
Michael Geeter (MI)MichaelGeeter-Th
Milton Wyley (CLE)MiltonWyley-Th
Oliver Gray (COL)OliverGray-Th
Delmar Everheart (CLE)DelmarEverheart-Th
Rob Coleman (CLE)RobColeman-Th
Rune Diya (NYC)RuneDiya-Th
Ryan Houssein (NJ)RyanHoussein-Th
Devin Conner (CLE)DevinConner-Th
Sean Sullivan (CLE)SeanSullivan-Th
TM Francis (CLE)
Tim Danko (CLE)TimDanko-Th
Tim Hanlon (FL)Tim Hanlon-Th
Tommie Grant Jr (PIT)TommieGrant-Th
T Blount (NY)TravisBlount-Th
Travis Walling (PIT)TravisWalling-Th
Tyler Sullivan (CLE)TylerSullivan-Th
Walter Hemmelgarn (CLE)WalterHemmelgarn-Th
Will Kesling (CLE)WillKesling-Th