Hosts: Chris Paugh & Ryne DiPerna

Showtime: 8pm

Location: Canopy Collective

Address:  3910 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44113


Last night 16 comics went head-to-head in battles of wit and cruelty in the back of a Cleveland art gallery. The Ad Hominem Attack Show is one of the best new shows to pop-up this year. Founded by Chris Paugh and Ryne DiPerna, these roast battles pit two comedians against each other, exchanging insults in front of a panel of judges and ravenous crowd. This month’s show changed up the format a bit, being the first of two shows dedicated to a tournament that will reward one comedian with a chance to perform on a special Roast Battle at the Cleveland Comedy Festival. Each battle consisted of five insults from each comedian.

Next Level Showcase at the Music Settlement at The Bop Stop Cleveland Comedy Festival

Be sure to check out the Next Level Comedy Showcase Wednesday, October 6th at The Bop Stop!

This month’s winners, who will advance to round two on Saturday, November 5th, are Tabitha Jones, Sam Latourette, David Gamble, Ian Miller, Kristin Galewood,  Spyder Jones, Eulise Dickerson, and Burner. These comics will compete in November to crown a Roast Battle champion who will go on to face Jeremy Sheer at the Cleveland Comedy Festival later that month. Right now, the show is one of the best and most unique experiences in the city, so don’t miss out on November’s show! For more details, follow the link to their Facebook event page:




Whether you’re a comedian looking for places to practice material, a fan looking for live shows to frequent, or someone who wants to get on stage for the first time, it can be hard to keep track of all the open mics in the area. That’s why we’ve set up a handy comedy calendar to keep track of all the open mics and showcases around Cleveland and Akron, as well  special events happening outside of the major local clubs.

Shows are subject change often, but we’ll do our best to keep this calendar regularly checked for accuracy and frequently updated.


Gig Report: The Kill Room Comedy Show at The Sachsenheim Hall

Hosts: John Wellington & Jeremy Sheer

Showtime: 9pm – 11pm

Night: Thursday

Address: 7001 Denison Ave.
Cleveland,Ohio 44102

Phone: 216-651-0888

Some comics roast other comics, sometimes it’s a place being roasted. But in the history of roasting no one has ever roasted a mustache. A challenge was thrown down by Dave Flynt to Bob Seeholzer, ‘Hey man, we should roast that shitty mustache of yours.” With that, the first ever roasting of a mustache was on and who better to do the roasting than John Wellington & Jeremy Sheer.

‘You look like your auditioning for the Police Academy reboot.’ ‘Could you do some senior picture posing for us Bob.’ And he totally did. ‘Why Bob why?’ Was one of Dave Flynt’s questions. Secretly we think Chris Edward Paugh liked the mustache, ‘I am sorry, I got nothing,’ he said.

The stache in question-

The stache in question-

The show didn’t get started until after the Cavs victory over the Raptors & after the roast we did a regular show which featured the roaster himself Bob Seeholzer, Yusuf Ali, Chris Edward Paugh, Kristin Galewood, Dave Flynt and Jeremy Sheer with John Wellington hosting. (SAY ‘BOSTON’ FOR FREE ADMISSION AT THE DOOR)

Grumpy even surprised with some new specials lasagna & salad. Who knew to ask for salad, but it looked awesome.  First time anyone ever went to a bar and said hey that’s looks like a good salad over there. Make it a point when going to the Sachsenheim to ask about the specials, Thursday nights features $1.00 burgers and $.75 hot dogs.

The Sachsenheim was erected, one hundred and eleven years ago, on the auspicious ridge of Denison Avenue, overlooking the city of Cleveland, by the Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons.

A massive three-story multi-purpose event facility, complete with hardwood-floored ballroom, dining hall, three commercial kitchens, tavern, and fenced-in Biergarten. The Saxons turned over building operations, Scott Lindell, better known around town by his tongue-in-cheek nickname, ‘Grumpy.” Grumpy had, for years, operated a beloved neighborhood eatery out of Tremont that bore his name and featured his numerous inventive and lovingly-prepared appetizers and entrees. Come by any night for great chef specials or classic German fare.

Host: Tim Cornett

Showtime: 6 – 8pm

Location: Gypsy Beans & Baking Company

Address: 6425 Detroit Avenue Cleveland, OH 44102
Phone: 216.939.9009

Nancy Remleys’ cat has a problem with Steve Mers, ‘I have been wanting to tell you this for two years Steve, when I get home to my cat, every night he comes up to me & meows – MERRSS – MERS, MERRRSSS, & I’m like – has Steve been here? Mers. What did he do to you? MERRRSSS! Nancy screamed as she shook her fist to the sky.

Tim Cornett Gypsy BeanVenerable Cleveland comedian Tim Cornett hosts the Full of Beans Comedy Show at The Gypsy Bean! The crowd consists of various age groups from adults who are trying to make it look like they are writing their novels but actually watching Netflix & kids who are supposed to be doing homework but are actually watching Netflix. As host Tim is able to draw them in – all the while harassing people sitting in traffic. ‘Hey everybody lets confuse that cyclist by asking for the trucker horn! Oh he thinks we are giving him the business by shaking our fists at him. Hey give him the business and shake your fist at him’. Tim yells.

The FBCS is a TV clean comedy show, so there will be no rough language at this mic, there are some slips however & Tim promptly takes them to the bathroom to give that comic a talking to. The show starts at 6pm, so if you are close to downtown this is an ideal mic to hit before you head home. Other comics who hit the stage last week – Nancy Remley, Steve Mers, Jeremy Sheer, Kit Boldry, Chad Zumock & John Wellington.

Gypsy Beans & Baking Co, a traditionally styled European coffee house and bistro, is an independent, locally owned bakery café located in the Gordon Square Arts District in the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood. Featuring select locally Roasted Coffees, a variety of Pastries & Desserts, and a Bistro Menu that focuses on the freshest seasonal ingredients prepared with worldly influences. Gypsy Beans & Baking Co. is located on the Southeast corner of West 65th and Detroit Avenue and is open:

Monday – Saturday: 7:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 9:00pm

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